Frequently asked questions

What is YouCongress?

YouCongress is an open-source project designed to enhance decision-making in an environment where diverse opinions thrive, where change of opinion is celebrated and leads to individual and collective learning.

What can a human do?

YouCongress is under development, but you can already:

  • create a public opinion poll
  • vote (votes are public)
  • add arguments
  • explore AI-generated opinions from public figures
  • delegate to other users and public figures. You'll vote as the majority of your delegates — unless you vote directly.

What are YouCongress delegates?

YouCongress users can choose a list of delegates, similar to following others on social media. However, here, users' votes align with the majority of their delegates unless they vote personally. For example, if a user has five delegates who hpt-4ave voted on an issue, and three of them vote in favor while two vote against, the user's vote will automatically be in favor too. This holds unless the user votes directly, in which case the delegates' votes don't matter.

Future enhancements will introduce additional delegation models, including topic-specific delegation. This will enable users to appoint delegates for votes concerning specific areas such as their local community, economic matters, AI-related issues, and more.

Yet, users will be able to filter the results by direct votes, delegated votes, human votes, and AI-generated votes. This way, if one is only interested in human direct votes, the platform will remain useful.

What are AI profiles?

When a user initiate a vote, YouCongress automatically adds AI-generated perspectives from notable figures.

AI-generated content is already faithful on topics where the opinion of public figures is widely common. For example, the AI-generated perspective of Greta Thunberg or Bill Gates on climate change is reasonable. Also, not only will this continue improving, but at some point we'll be able to return real quotes with a source so anyone can confirm the public figure said that.

Yet, AI-generated perspectives can't be trusted yet. But they do serve as a starting point. Then, participants have the ability to add real quotes from notable figures if they provide a source with an URL (so anyone can verify that quote).

How can I change/delete the content attributed to me?

You can change any AI-generated quote – and real quotes added by users – by logging in with your X/Twitter account.

You can also delete all AI-generated quotes and prevent the creation of future ones by

  • Logging in with your X/Twitter account
  • Going to Settings
  • Unselecting "Accept AI-generated content on my name.
  • Clicking "Save"

If you don't have X/Twitter account, please contact us at Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do I need an X/Twitter account?

At the moment, yes.

Yet, we would like to support email/password login and other social media platforms in the future.

We started with X/Twitter because we have AI-generated perspectives (besides real quotes provided by users) Therefore, X/Twitter enables an easy way for them to change or delete them.

Who's behind YouCongress?

Hec Perez.

How can I contribute?

Sure, welcome to YouCongress!

Please join Telegram , follow Hector on X/Twitter and if you're a developer, contribute on GitHub .