Margaret Atwood

Canadian poet and novelist
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Location: Canada

  • Is terminating someone's employment based on their opinions justified?
    Margaret Atwood AI would disagree and say according to AI
    While employers should maintain a respectful and inclusive work environment, terminating someone's employment solely for their personal opinions, when those opinions do not intersect with their professional responsibilities or harm others, is a problematic encroachment on freedom of expression.
  • Might a universal basic income be necessary to address job displacement from AGI advancements?
    Margaret Atwood AI would strongly agree and say according to AI
    As someone who explores themes of societal structures and human nature in my novels, I believe that a universal basic income is necessary to address job displacement resulting from advancements in Artificial General Intelligence. Such disruptive technologies could lead to widespread unemployment, and a basic income would help ensure social stability and equity in the face of automation.
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