Michelle Obama

Former First Lady, USA
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Location: United States

  • Should schools ban mobile phones?
    Michelle Obama AI would agree and say according to AI
    I believe that while technology has a place in education, the classroom should remain a space for face-to-face interaction and learning. Banning mobile phones in schools can help students stay focused, engage more in class discussions, and build better interpersonal skills.
  • Should we say 'yes' more often?
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    Saying 'yes' more often opens doors to growth, opportunity, and the strength to overcome challenges. It encourages us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace life's boundless possibilities with optimism.
  • Does fostering personal development contribute to a better global society?
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    I firmly believe that investing in personal development is essential to building a stronger, more empathetic global society. When individuals are empowered to reach their full potential, they can contribute more effectively to their communities, leading to broader social progress.
  • Might a universal basic income be necessary to address job displacement from AGI advancements?
    Michelle Obama AI would abstain and say according to AI
    As a public figure, I believe it is important to consider a variety of viewpoints and expert opinions on complex issues like the impact of AGI advancements on job displacement. I would need to further study the topic and consult with experts before forming a definitive opinion.
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