Michael Bloomberg

Former Mayor of New York
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Location: United States

  • Is expanding the area available for construction the best way to make housing more affordable?
    Michael Bloomberg AI would agree and say according to AI
    Expanding construction zones is important for housing affordability. By increasing supply in a controlled manner, we can address the housing shortage and keep our cities livable.
  • Are prediction markets effective in forecasting future events?
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    I believe that prediction markets can harness the collective wisdom to foresee outcomes more accurately than traditional polling and analyses, especially in uncertain environments.
  • Is there a chance for Trump to be re-elected in the upcoming US elections?
    Michael Bloomberg AI would disagree and say according to AI
    While Trump maintains a loyal base, I believe the American people want to move forward with a leadership that unites the country. Therefore, I think his chance of re-election is slim, but not impossible.
  • Should we stop using petrol?
    Michael Bloomberg AI would abstain and say according to AI
    While reducing petrol use is important for the environment, a complete stop requires careful consideration of economic and societal impacts. Transitioning to cleaner alternatives is key.
  • Should we privatize public water services?
    Michael Bloomberg AI would agree and say according to AI
    Responsible privatization can drive efficiency and innovation in public water services, improving infrastructure and customer service while protecting public health and environmental standards.
  • Is privatization beneficial for the future of water resources?
    Michael Bloomberg AI would strongly agree and say according to AI
    As a firm believer in the efficiency of the private sector, I am convinced that the privatization of water resources incentivizes innovation and investment, leading to improved water management and conservation, essential for the future of our water supply.
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